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How to Choose a Collision Repair Provider in New Jersey

Do you think you’ll never need a collision repair shop? Lots of drivers put a lot of faith in their safety record and driving patterns, but it is not themselves they need to consider. As one expert said, “As a vehicle owner, your chances of needing the services of a collision repair and refinishing facility are greater than you think. Whether it’s from storm damage, rust and corrosion, acid rain and harsh sunlight, or an automobile accident outright, the risks are real.” And one of the smartest things you can do is to have the name and number of a reputable provider of repair services on hand long before it is every needed.

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What You Need to Know With Vehicle Emissions Testing and Repairs

Do you own a vehicle that recently failed a New Jersey emissions test? Are you interested in purchasing a used or vintage automobile that you want to get up to emissions standards? Or did you purchase a car out of state and need to register it in New Jersey? These are some of the reasons emissions repair services are one of the most common procedures done by body shops and auto repair shops in New Jersey.

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How Do You Know Your Collision Repair Estimate is Accurate?

One of the biggest complaints heard is how unreliable or even dishonest a collision repair service can be when you ask for an estimate. Knowing you are desperate to get your vehicle fixed after an accident, unscrupulous business owners are keen to upsell you on services or repairs you do not need, while ignoring your requests for finding quality service at the best price. Fortunately, collision repair does not need to be a headache in New Jersey.

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Bling Out Your Buggy with Frank’s Auto Body Repair

Is your car looking beat up? Whether you have been in a car accident or your car has picked up the scratches and dents that can occur as part of daily use, it can be depressing getting into a car that no longer looks good. Even more than that a car with auto body damage can actually be dangerous to operate, because some types of body damage can interfere with safe performance.

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Tips For Keeping Your Air Conditioning System Run Properly This Summer

Summer is coming and it is already heating up in Fanwood. Now’s a great time to get your auto air conditioning service, to make sure your car’s air conditioner can keep up with the coming summer heat. Regular air conditioning service, even if your system seems to be running properly, is the key to keeping cool this summer. That is because your air conditioning systems is composed of a number of parts that are very vulnerable to wear-and-tear.

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Tips For Finding A Certified Emissions Repair Facility

Do you have an older model vehicle? Did you just buy a used car but it failed to meet state emissions standards? One of the services that top auto body shops in New Jersey offer is emissions repairs. Just because your car is currently not up to date on its emissions standards does not mean that you cannot enjoy the ride. Emissions repairs help get your vehicle to pass the emissions test, so that you can get your vehicle back on the road. Here are some tips for finding the best emissions repair facilities in New Jersey.

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What Everyone Should Know About Car Repair

Car repair is a fact of life. All cars eventually need repairs for one reason or another, including from general wear and tear. In New Jersey, most of us are dependent on our cars. We need them to get us to work and back home, and we need them to transport our families safely. Here is what everyone in New Jersey should know about car repair.

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Hire A Professional For Your Next Collision Repair In NJ

If your vehicle has been involved in a collision, you might try to save costs by doing the repairs yourself, or even neglecting them entirely. Unless you are an expert mechanic, the DIY approach can lead to mistakes that could make your car unsafe to drive. Failure to make repairs at all can be even more dangerous, and cost you even more money later on. Here are a few good reasons to contact Franks auto repair for collision repair:

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