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How Do You Know Your Collision Repair Estimate is Accurate?

One of the biggest complaints heard is how unreliable or even dishonest a collision repair service can be when you ask for an estimate. Knowing you are desperate to get your vehicle fixed after an accident, unscrupulous business owners are keen to upsell you on services or repairs you do not need, while ignoring your requests for finding quality service at the best price. Fortunately, collision repair does not need to be a headache in New Jersey.

If you just do a little research before you settle for any collision repair shop in New Jersey, you can ensure the most accurate collision repair estimate possible. The best thing you can do for yourself is to get more than one estimate. Just as you can get a second opinion from another doctor, a second or even a third estimate can help you get a more accurate price range for the services you need done after a collision. When you receive two or more estimates, try averaging them in order to consider the general price you can expect to pay.

An estimate is always an estimate. Actual costs will be different but the most honest and reputable collision repair shops in New Jersey like Frank’s will tell you up front the entire range you can expect to pay, instead of only offering you a low figure to get you in the door. The most common problem with estimates is undervaluing the time it may take to address a collision.

A reliable, honest collision repair shop in New Jersey will ultimately break down the costs of the repairs, providing details about which costs are for which services or parts. This way, you can opt to address the most critical needs for your automobile first and get your car back on the road as soon a possible. Any cosmetic or less critical repair jobs can wait until you feel more financially secure.

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