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How to Choose a Collision Repair Provider in New Jersey

Do you think you’ll never need a collision repair shop? Lots of drivers put a lot of faith in their safety record and driving patterns, but it is not themselves they need to consider. As one expert said, “As a vehicle owner, your chances of needing the services of a collision repair and refinishing facility are greater than you think. Whether it’s from storm damage, rust and corrosion, acid rain and harsh sunlight, or an automobile accident outright, the risks are real.” And one of the smartest things you can do is to have the name and number of a reputable provider of repair services on hand long before it is every needed.

You Make the Choice

Quite often, what happens after a good driver has been involved in an auto accident (whether it is their fault or not), they will entrust their insurance provider to make all kinds of decisions about the collision repair. This is a big mistake because it is not the responsibility of the insurance company, but is instead the owner’s job. It shouldn’t be looked at as a secondary issue, either, because just like other types of repairs, it takes skill and expertise to get it done right. You want to protect your asset (the vehicle) by choosing the best.

How to Begin the Selection Process

As most experts suggest everything from dentistry to real estate, ask around for the best service providers. Do you have a friend or two who love their cars? If so, they probably have the number of a great repair shop on hand. Get at least three or four suggestions and then check with sites like the BBB to double check that there are no complaints or issues associated with any of the companies. Pay a visit to the one you think you like best to see if the staff is friendly and the work good. Find out how long they’ve operated and how professional the staff seems to be, and even see if they have certifications like ASE or ICAR certifications posted.

Streamline the Process

If you are in New Jersey and want a reputable provider of collision repair, Frank’s Auto Repair has decades of providing top-notch service of all kinds. Whether you need an inspection, a full repair, some body work, maintenance and more, they are the team to provide it.

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