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If you’re located in Fanwood or New Jersey State and want to trust your vehicle to an auto repair shop that puts customer satisfaction at the heart of what they do, we’re here for you. We are an established company that offers a full range of auto repair service options. If you have a repair or maintenance job that needs to be taken care of on your car or truck, our certified auto mechanics will make sure it’s done properly. We invest heavily in training our staff, so when you ask us to provide your automotive services, you can be confident that our ASE certified technician knows exactly what to do.

One Stop Solution For All Your Car Repair Needs in New Jersey

We provide a full range of auto body repair options. Our team provides a one-stop solution for all your car repair needs in New Jersey. In addition to our auto repair service, we also offer a range of maintenance options that enhance performance and minimize the risk of an unexpected breakdown. Our company is a check engine light specialist, using accurate diagnostics to discover the problem, and then fixing it quickly and correctly. Competitively priced and focused on quality, we are the auto shop of choice for many New Jersey motorists.

Complete Car Maintenance & Inspection Services New Jersey

Making sure that your car maintenance is up-to-date doesn’t just improve the performance of your vehicle; it can also result in parts lasting longer and reduces the risk of an unwanted breakdown. Our experienced, skilled technicians can carry out a full range of scheduled maintenance tasks, as well as comprehensive diagnostics and tune ups. If your New Jersey car inspection is due, we are able to get this completed quickly and conveniently. We offer competitive rates on our State Inspection, as well as a FREE estimate for the cost of any repairs or service tasks that we find need done.

Full Auto Air Conditioning Service At Our New Jersey Shop

Living in New Jersey, effective vehicle air conditioning is essential. Unfortunately, it’s also a system that can go wrong quite easily and which requires regular maintenance to stay in good working condition. Our team can undertake a full auto air conditioning service at our New Jersey auto shop, as well as complete any auto air conditioning repair jobs that need to be completed. If you’ve noticed your A/C just isn’t giving the results you need, why not drop your truck or car off at our auto shop when it’s convenient to you and let our knowledgeable technicians take care of the problem for you?

Tire Rotation – Ensure The Safety Of Your Vehicle

Checking that your tires are in solid condition is a significant part of any vehicle maintenance routine. Not only does the condition of your tires contribute to performance, a bald or worn tire can be unsafe, increasing the chances of an unwanted blow out. At our tire store in New Jersey, Our technicians can inspect your tires, as well as complete your tire rotation for you. Regular tire rotation helps to ensure each tire has an even amount of wear. If you need a fresh tire, we have a wide range on offer, enabling you to select one that’s suitable for your motoring requirements and budget.

Your Go-To Emissions Repair Experts in New Jersey

Particularly if you own an older vehicle, managing exhaust emissions can be a real challenge. If your truck has failed its state inspection due to emissions issues, we can help. We are able to complete emissions repair at our New Jersey auto shop for a wide range of makes and models. Our technicians have a range of options available, which allows us to keep the cost for emission repair low. If you’re concerned about your emissions and want a cost-effective solution to the problem, get in touch and we’ll be happy to help.


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