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What You Need to Know With Vehicle Emissions Testing and Repairs

Do you own a vehicle that recently failed a New Jersey emissions test? Are you interested in purchasing a used or vintage automobile that you want to get up to emissions standards? Or did you purchase a car out of state and need to register it in New Jersey? These are some of the reasons emissions repair services are one of the most common procedures done by body shops and auto repair shops in New Jersey.

State Certification Process

One of the most important things you need to know about emissions testing and repair in New Jersey is that there is a state certification process. Only qualified and certified auto body shops like Franks can help you pass the state inspection. If you take your car to a shop that is not certified, then your money will be wasted. Also, if your vehicle failed the New Jersey state emissions test before and you need to do the necessary repairs, save your documentation. Bring the paperwork to Franks to help you save even more money by avoiding unnecessary emissions repairs. You should only target the work that you need.

Reduce Pollution & Greenhouse Gas Emission

The overall purpose of emissions testing and repairs is to reduce pollution and greenhouse gas emissions. When a vehicle in the state of New Jersey fails to pass the emissions test, a red sticker is placed on your car. The sticker is visible to law enforcement. If you choose to drive your vehicle even after it has failed an emissions test, without getting the repair work done, you can be fined a considerable amount of money.

Therefore, it always pays to get the emissions repair work done as soon as you fail the test. An emissions repair process and the cost of repairs will vary depending on the age of the vehicle, its current condition, and the cost of any parts that need to be replaced. For a reliable estimate on emissions repair, take your vehicle into Franks.

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