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Have Your Auto Body Repairs In New Jersey Done By Top Professionals

When thinking about auto body service New Jersey car owners can trust, you want your vehicle fixed by professionals such as those at Franks Auto Repair and Auto Body in Fanwood NJ. They’ve had more than 40 years of satisfied customers come to their shop, which is operated by husband and wife team of Frank Constandi and his wife Tracy, who say their customers are their first and best asset.

Franks Auto Repair Has Top ASE Certification

When you need auto body service New Jersey customers can rely on, feel confident that Franks Auto Repair only employs ASE certified experts. They always are up to date and current on the latest techniques in car repair so they can do the best possible job for their clients. All the parts and materials used in fixing your car are guaranteed to be from the best top quality sources too, so your car is fixed up even better than it was before the accident. Call on them to do your needed repairs today.

Auto Body Repair New Jersey Also Means Friendly Customer Service

Besides being professional experts in repair, the people at Frank’s Auto Repair & Auto Body understand the meaning of great customer services and are always ready to provide a friendly answer to any and all of their client’s questions. They consider their customers as their best assets so they want to keep them happy and 100 percent satisfied with their repair services. Plus, they are even approved by Triple AAA so you can count on that professional organization’s opinion as well.

Good Mechanics are Like Good Doctors

It’s a good comparison to say that searching for good auto body service New Jersey car owners can trust is similar to finding a good doctor for yourself. When you are looking for a good doctor you want someone who knows what they are doing, has good bedside manner, and who is going to answer all your questions and help you to feel good again.

It’s the same for getting your car fixed. You want Auto body service New Jersey residents can trust to provide good repairs, good customer service and to make you feel confident about your choice, and Frank’s Auto Repair does just that, so if you need your car fixed, call them today at (908) 322-4075, at 46 South Martine Avenue, Fanwood, New Jersey, open Monday through Friday from 7:30 am to 6 pm.

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