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Tips For Keeping Your Air Conditioning System Run Properly This Summer

Summer is coming and it is already heating up in Fanwood. Now’s a great time to get your auto air conditioning service, to make sure your car’s air conditioner can keep up with the coming summer heat. Regular air conditioning service, even if your system seems to be running properly, is the key to keeping cool this summer. That is because your air conditioning systems is composed of a number of parts that are very vulnerable to wear-and-tear.

Your car’s air conditioning and heating system is composed of parts that are vulnerable to wear and tear, especially the hoses and belts that drive the system. While a broken heating or cooling system will not make your car unusable, it will make it uncomfortable. In the summer, you will arrive at your destinations hot, disheveled, and sweaty, while, in the winter, a broken heater can actually make it dangerous to drive your vehicle. This why Frank’s Auto of Fanwood, New Jersey recommends regular service and maintenance for your car’s heating and cooling system.

When you have your heating and air conditioning evaluated at our shop, we evaluate the entire system to detect any minor problems before they can become major ones. This involves inspecting the blower, interior vent air temperature, checking air pressure against manufacturer specifications, checking for leaks in hoses, inspecting belts, and checking your radiator system because of its potential to impact your heating and cooling system.

We also ask you about any symptoms you may have experienced. Sometimes the signs of a failing heating or cooling system can be subtle. That is why we ask if your cabin is taking longer than normal to heat or cool; if you ever notice a mildew or moldy smell when using your car’s heat or air conditioning; if your defroster is working properly; if you have noticed a decreased air flow; or if you have experienced any problems with your heat or air conditioner functioning while your car is idling.

At Frank’s Auto, we believe that regular service and maintenance is the key to keeping your vehicle performing at or above your expectations. That is why we keep our service and maintenance prices low and why we pride ourselves on affordable and reliable repairs when repair work is necessary. Help care for your investment; bring your car in for a heating and cooling inspection and service today.

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